Terrace House


Terrace House is located in the significant Coal Harbour neighbourhood of Vancouver’s downtown and embraces the local waterfront public amenities. In addition to the site’s remarkable waterfront views and luxurious residences, Terrace House is to the west of Arthur Erickson’s historic Evergreen Building.

Terrace House will be the world’s tallest hybrid timber structure. The base of the structure compliments the neighbouring Evergreen Building as the concrete floor levels of both projects are perfectly aligned. The upper portion of Terrace House, with its exposed wood structural beams, extends past Evergreen Building is a unique triangular shape to prevent casting shadows onto Coal Harbour Park while maintaining existing views of adjacent buildings. The north facing terraces face the waterfront bringing a further connection the harbour. Renowned Landscape Architect Cornelia Oberlander has designed the landscaped terraces and common spaces, creating continuity from the Evergreen Building and Terrace House.

This 19-storey residential tower will stand 224 feet high and is set to contain a combination of residential, commercial, and amenity floor space.

Terrace House is designed in collaboration with Shigeru Ban Architects.