Our designs are conceived through a collaborative and integrated design process that involves the Client, all other stakeholders and a complete team of Consultants. This ensures that everybody’s ideas are heard, understood, analyzed and integrated to the greatest effect.

Our process typically begins with Client meetings to gauge both tangibles, such as programming, budget, and schedule; and intangibles, for example, achieving new heights in sustainability, enriching user experience, or creating memorable architecture that enhances the civic fabric. From a Client’s requests, we distill the fundamentals and in turn guide, analyze and offer alternate possibilities. This process often includes tours of relevant buildings or a tailored presentation of inspiring precedents.

Our role, as Architects, is to orchestrate these voices and to synthesize them into built forms, whose materiality and spatial qualities are unique expressions of their place and purpose. Our working method builds trust, respects different styles of communication, and nurtures relationships. It is a means to manifest excellence within ourselves, our community and the built environment. The strongest testaments to our process are our numerous awards and repeat clients.