East Fraser Lands Parcel 18.2

Vancouver, BC

The development at parcel 18.2 is a new addition to the master planned East Fraser Lands area. The development consists of a 25 storey tower with a reduced penthouse floor, a 6- storey podium at the base along Sawmill Crescent, and 3 storey townhouses along E Kent Ave North. It will provide 314 residential units, with 17 of which being 2 storey live-work lofts along the north and east portion of the site. To note are the generously sized balconies in the tower being 2- storey tall due to the alternating pattern they follow between bedrooms and living rooms. On the east and west elevations, triangular screen elements are placed on the edge of these projections to work both as privacy screens and a vertical shading devices.

This project was designed up to the development permit.