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Francl Community 2017’s Achievements

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In late 2016, we launched Francl Community, a group of staff volunteers who are committed to work together to address all aspects of office sustainability. We mobilized our efforts in 6 core areas: Buy, Connect, Eat, Enrich, Move, and Operate. These core areas provide a framework to capture all aspects of our business so that we can collectively influence each area with our diverse voices.

2017 was a year of exploration and information gathering. Creating vision statements for each core area set us up for action throughout the year, and we achieved so much with the efforts of the Community team as well as many dedicated staff.

Our Community team has established a resilient process that will allow us to build on our accomplishments from 2017.

Check out some of the highlights from our first year!

Annual Curling Bonspiel

Parklet Design Charrette

Cypress Ski Night