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Highlights of 2015: Surrey’s new District Energy Centre

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Since the summer of 2015, Francl Architecture has been working with the City of Surrey on the new West Village Park and District Energy Centre project.

Surrey City Energy is a City-owned district energy utility that supplies high density residential, commercial and institutional buildings in City Centre with heat and hot water. The West Village District Energy Centre is being envisioned at the west end of the future West Village park in order to maximize the usable public open space. The energy centre, a two storey building, will be semi-recessed below grade to significantly reduce it’s height and scale with minimized rooflines to create a forward looking, crystalline shape within the organic park. The inner workings of the facility will be visible from the outside and full time operating staff will add to the monitoring of the park and neighbourhood, enhancing public comfort and safety.

On December 10th, the project received unanimous support from to the City of Surrey Advisory Design Panel.

Currently, the construction documents are being prepared.